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Spread the Joy

KINDNESS Anonymous writes "One of those moments I had where I really felt happy to just BE ALIVE was one of my work shifts at Chick-fil-a. I had just been listening to some classic 80's music (some of my college friends got me into it) and I was feeling really energized. 

That shift, I worked extra hard to put my energy into serving the guests. Whenever I made a customer smile, I felt fireworks of joy inside me. Working at Chick-fil-a has also really taught me the simple and profound power of a smile. 
Posted by admin1 on Saturday, January 21 @ 13:08:28 CST (233 reads)
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Others NEED You

FRIENDS Anonymous writes "It was just like any other day, but out of the blue I felt the urge to text a friend I had not contacted for the past five months (at least). I knew this friend, who lived a few states away, had issues with depression due to past abuse and other disorders, but I had not made the effort to reach out to her in a long time.
But that day I texted her, and she responded very sadly that she was not doing well. Then later that day I learned that she was going to the hospital for her third suicide attempt!!
This devastated me. BUT then she told me: **"Thank you for being the one to text me this year. You gave me a reason to smile, a reason to live."**
Thank God I followed the urge to text her! Now I make an effort to reach out to her regularly and be the friend she really needs.
There are people around you who need you. Just to send them a text, flash them a smile. It can make all the difference.
This is why Living is So Big for me. 
Posted by admin1 on Saturday, January 21 @ 13:07:53 CST (178 reads)
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Why the chicken crossed the road.


This is why the chicken has crossed the road. Now we know.

Posted by admin1 on Tuesday, February 09 @ 17:48:55 CST (708 reads)
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Still Smiling - BY: Mandy From CVS

FEELINGS Anonymous writes "

So, this evening was a typical night at work, when this individual came in and made my day! I do believe it was Chris who came in and a very simple compliment on the store made such a difference. I had no idea who he was, but he handed me this bracelet, that read "living is so big" and said as a token of his appreciation he wanted me to have it! I said thank you so much, and told him about my gold bracelet that broke last week that I wore on that wrist. Well I got home and decided to google "life is so big", I never would have believed what I was watching, and reading. What an amazing thing. So I just want to thank YOU Chris, for making a huge difference in my life. And from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate you. I will not take this bracelet off and I will share your story with everyone! Still smiling :). Mandy from CVS.

Posted by admin1 on Wednesday, February 03 @ 11:20:35 CST (595 reads)
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Monday recalls Massachusetts

Jesus Agudo

Jesus Agudo teaching students of Boston University various formulas and concepts such as, "The Eight Living Realizations." This was April of 2014.

Posted by admin1 on Monday, January 25 @ 13:02:58 CST (626 reads)
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How big is living?


This picture is self-explanatory. Living Is So BIG!

Posted by admin1 on Thursday, January 21 @ 15:09:45 CST (678 reads)
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Share a rock with someone you care about.


Share a rock with someone you care about. Let them know you care by giving them a "Living Is So Big" rock. Click the picture and it will take you to the online store in which you can purchase your very own Living Is So Big rock.

Posted by admin1 on Wednesday, January 20 @ 15:27:45 CST (655 reads)
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Living Is So Big Video


Living Is So Big Video made in March of 2014!
Click the picture to go to the video and see what message it is trying to portray.

Posted by admin1 on Tuesday, January 19 @ 15:42:26 CST (710 reads)
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Living Is So Big at the River


Living Is So Big Wristband with the river scenery.
How peaceful is that? Very.

Posted by admin1 on Monday, January 18 @ 10:47:34 CST (673 reads)
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We are expanding our horizons and have created an online boutique called,

Check it out and explore and see what is up for sale. There are great things and more to come. Keep being awesome! =)

Posted by admin1 on Friday, January 15 @ 10:40:54 CST (677 reads)
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Throw back from early 2011.
Group of awesome people in Australia painted the words "Living Is So Big" on the cars.

Posted by admin1 on Thursday, January 14 @ 13:10:07 CST (556 reads)
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People of the world Anonymous writes "

Hey, i'm Corey Steinhauser, and Living is so Big.

My reasons for living are very simple. I am a very helpful guy and I can't stand to see people upset or depressed so I usually go out of my way to put a smile on their face because in my late teens I dedicated myself to helping anyone who asked for it. My other reasons are my beautiful family, my mum, dad, sister, brother-in-law, their 2 sons and all my friends that have become so close to me, that they got inducted to the family. My final reason is music, you can listen to music without hearing it but if you can truly listen to music and let it move you deep inside and inspire you then there is nothing that you can't do.

Posted by admin1 on Wednesday, January 13 @ 10:35:49 CST (622 reads)
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the meme's of living is so big


This baby knows what he is talking about. Let's take his advice.

Posted by admin1 on Tuesday, January 12 @ 11:11:22 CST (639 reads)
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Testimonial of how Living Is So Big helps.

Letters for LISB

This is an anonymous email we received in September of 2012. Goes to show how powerful the four words, "Living Is So Big" can be:

HI, you don't know me but you stopped and visited a fundraiser for AB TECH a few months back and gave everyone hugs. My spouse was there and brought me home one of your bracelets. He said he met the coolest family and showed me a photo you took with them. Little did anyone know that I was contemplating suicide. For me it was like a sign. What are the chances that your spouse walks in with a bracelet that is meant to remind you to live your life and don't give up? Years of going to the therapist and this bracelet and your cause has touched me and changed my mind about life. The doctors never once told me living is so big. I didn't need a band aid...

Posted by admin1 on Monday, January 11 @ 17:17:06 CST (840 reads)
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Always so blessed and thankful - BY: Debbie Harris

People of the world Anonymous writes "

Hi. My name is Debbie Harris, and Living is so Big.

I feel so very blessed to have my husband Rodger and my son Taylor and my daughter SarahJessica. We are a very close family and I appreciate that so much because as a child I didn't have that. Thankfully I always looked up to God and Jesus and knew one day things would be better for me. God did not disappoint and my life today is so meaningful and happy! Even when times were not so happy and good I always tried to be positive and look on the brighter side of things and always appreciative for everything in my life. Life is just too precious to be bitter and unhappy. Feeling thankful and blessed every day!

Posted by admin1 on Tuesday, December 29 @ 17:26:58 CST (642 reads)
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52 Live Up Coin - Living Edition

Living Is So Big
"Living Is So Big" / "52 Live Up" coins are in. 100 - 1st edition 1.5" shiny gold finish. More info via!

click here to enlarge image

click here to enlarge image
Posted by admin1 on Monday, December 21 @ 13:06:50 CST (830 reads)
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Road Trip - Colorado to New Jersey

Living Is So Big

Road trip!

We will be getting the word out there about our new product, "52 Live Up Cards" - From Colorado to New Jersey.

That's right. we are at it again, and this time we intend to make a big dent in spreading Life Appreciation. 52 Live Up Cards are a new concept we have recently incepted and are doing our best to make them a reality. They are playing cards that challenges us in enacting positive life changes. Tons of fun for everyone. If you would like to help in making 52 Live Up Cards a reality, be a part of history in the making and check out the 52 Live Up cards.

We've got a ton of Living Is So Big Wristbands ready to hand out, and we've got the camera ready to take pictures with many people from all over. If you see us, let us know and we will give you a wristband and take a picture with you.

Posted by admin1 on Wednesday, December 16 @ 17:36:24 CST (673 reads)
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A thought about Life.

A thought about life.

Life. Life is only life when it is alive.

Truly live to be alive and life will thrive.

Living Is So Big.

Read more for picture of text.
Posted by admin1 on Tuesday, December 15 @ 16:23:49 CST (670 reads)
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52 Live Up Cards - Read All About It

Chris Agudo

Do you want to be a part of history in the making? We’ve got something that can potentially change the world FOR THE BETTER and you can be a major help in this occurrence.

Hello. I sincerely hope and would be undoubtedly appreciative if you take the time to read the entirety of this letter typed for you. The chances rise if you read this letter, that people get the opportunity to know about 52 Live Up Cards. As to not make this a lengthy 10 page paper for you to read, I will do my best in making this letter as short as possible, sweet, and as direct to the point, so that you may fully comprehend what it is I am trying to portray. Statistics sourced from the “World Health Organization” are within this letter, yet, reading from beginning to end is advised for full understanding.

Dear Reader,

They are not your average cards… they are 52 Live Up Playing/Challenge Cards. An innovative and revolutionary concept that seriously has the potential of changing the world for the better and you can be a major help in this occurrence. Pretty cool, huh? Well, let me explain what they are, who created them, how they can change the world for the better, and how you can be a major part in that actually happening. I guess this leads to the question, “Do you want to be a part of history in the making?”

The 52 Live Up Cards act as a tool in which helps craft the card holder’s disposition towards life to a more esteemed version. This benefits not only the card holder, but the people in their life. The mind of the card holder can gradually become aligned to a more beneficial and fulfilling way of thinking. With the continual use of the 52 Live Up Cards, a healthy habit can potentially be formed for the card holder’s benefit with their way of life.

Each card represents an idea/thought that most likely was not contemplated or enacted upon by the card holder previous to having the deck of cards. How is this so? Well, not only are the 52 Live Up Cards just playing cards that one is able to play naturally in any game they already know, but what makes them unique and innovative is the center of each card. Each card has a challenge in the center that the card holder is encouraged to act upon to receive the maximum benefit that the cards offer. These challenges are designed to shift the card holder’s negative, detrimental, or conditioned mundane way of thinking about life into a more gratifying way of thinking. That or simply enhancing the card holder’s already positive way of thinking and reminding such individual certain key aspects beneficial towards life and living it to its best potential. The fun part about 52 Live Up Cards is that there are 52 challenges. In essence, we are challenging everyone to accomplish all 52 challenges. Now, at this point the question can be asked, “That sounds fine and dandy, making the world a better place is always great, but how can you back up what you are saying? What gives 52 Live Up Cards any legitimacy?”

Ah, well I am glad that you asked. You see, what makes 52 Live Up Cards even more powerful is that they were created by a Father and Son team, Jesus Agudo and Christopher Agudo. The quick back story behind them is that in 2010, Christopher, 17 at the time attempted to end his life. Long story short, from that scenario, once Christopher had gotten better, they felt the strong presence of having to pay-it-forward by traveling nationwide to universities, public events, schools, businesses, and anywhere people were willing to listen to them, so that they could explain to people everywhere that “Living Is So Big” because of their appreciation that Christopher was alive and well appreciating life, over all making them stronger as a family...

Posted by admin1 on Wednesday, December 09 @ 11:42:29 CST (596 reads)
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Compassion, Hope and the Power Living - BY: Donald Latham

People of the world Anonymous writes "

Hi. My name is Donald Latham, and Living is so Big.

I'm Donald Latham and I was born in the Islands of the Phillipines. My Dad is from the United States and he served in the Airforce in the Southeast Asia Tour during the Vietnam War in Thailand where he met my mother. I was discovered by my parents when my birth mother could not keep me and got me connected through a friend who was working on the base in the Phillipines. My mother and father adopted me and brought me to the US to have an American Life full of possibilities and hope in becoming successful in living the "American Dream."

Through the years I have always been involved in volunteering and community events, I love to travel and most of all I found my passion for photography which led to many open doors where I met many fascinating people from different walks of life. I love giving the gift of memory, especially those who are getting married, celebrating life, and having babies. I believe in the power of emotion where I can capture a moment in time and give that back to someone who will cherish it for years.

I now am an avid member of the NC Military Veterans Partnership Program and Helping support homeless veterans through Operation Freedom Dream as I give back and share hope as well as educate others on giving these veterans a chance to live, grow and rebuild their confidence to go back out into the world and start a new life. Working with the Agudos has touched my heart, They equally share the power of love and a compassion for life as the journey across the US as missionaries touching the lives of many children, communities and people of all races. Thanks for what you do, because "Living is So Big"


Posted by admin1 on Saturday, December 05 @ 14:58:02 CST (571 reads)
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A Short Passage #2

A short passage. A conversation between the ignorant rabbit and the wise owl.

"Have you cherished your gift yet?" Asked the wise owl.

-- "No, what gift do you speak of?" Replied the ignorant rabbit.

Wise owl exclaimed, "the present, we all received one."

-- "Not fair! I want one! Who can I yell at for not giving it to me?" "You can yell at yourself, ignorant rabbit. The gift is the present. The present being the present moment that always is. By the way you have responded, I can tell that you have not appreciated the present moment, which is the gift. You cannot be stuck in the past, because it has come and gone. You cannot be marveling about the future and only stay there, because it has yet to come. What is already here is the present, which can be cherished."

-- The ignorant rabbit looked confused and angry. "That's ridiculous, owl. You make no sense. I want the gift! Give me this present you speak of!"

The wise owl simply smiled, "well there is good luck for you, ignorant rabbit, whenever you are ready, the gift is waiting for you to realize it is already there for you. It will not leave you, even if you have yet to cherish it. That is what is so great about the present. It will be with you always, but until then, you will be without cherishing it. It is waiting for you."

Living Is So Big.

Read more for picture of text.
Posted by admin1 on Wednesday, December 02 @ 15:06:07 CST (650 reads)
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We Are In Charge of Our Own Thoughts - BY: Rachael Paulson

People of the world Anonymous writes "

Hello, my name is Rachael and Living Is So Big for me.

When I was 14 years old, the first of a family of 7 children, my little brother died suddenly of a  medical mistake.  In a matter of a few days, the lives of my entire family and the energy surrounding us changed.  It is hard enough coming into teen years  but  to have to  deal with  this death when i  had not even lost a grandparent yet was a trauma in my life. My mother was 9 month pregnant at this time so I do not even have to tell you the turmoil that was a part of my life at that time. The new baby brother brought joy to our lives but we never again spoke about my brother who died.

I found that not talking about this and holding it all inside led me to very dark places. I also remember that my love for working with and being around children was my saving grace.

I was aware of the things that made me feel good again and that was one of them. At an early age I started to become a voice for children. I found that in giving and extending kindness towards children I was able to take myself to a safe place in my mind. In losing myself in my work with children over the years I discovered  that the death of my brother Johnny led me to be a more loving person. I seemed to become an expert at helping children who were difficult or having serious problems. They felt safe in talking to me.

I went to college with the goal of working with children and that become my life's work. I do not think I came to terms with my brothers death until I wrote a children's book and created the character around him.  With writing, i was able to somehow let go of all those years of grief. I now had another outlet or tool for my times of darkness.

Once the book was published and I traveled the world to speak to children and adults about the book's topic of the environment, I found that by surrounding myself with good topics like helping the earth and inspiring others to do the same, I became a new person. The kindness in me was always there but once I started to motivate others to follow my plights to care for the world and each other, my entire being was finally at peace.

I eventually went on to start a non-profit organization called Hands On The World Global. I am the voice of the most needy children in  Africa and Haiti. Each time I give to others, i am rewarded over and over again with that peace of mind.  As i shine, others come into  my light.  I find living  is so big, but as humans we must do for others in order to take focus away from ourselves. This concept can change your brain chemistry if practiced enough.  Do something nice for someone without asking anything in return. Sit down and write a letter to someone special in your life and mail it to them. Doing simple things that are a matter of taking action rather than over thinking issues that hammer your brain will bring you peace. Life is not easy but we are in charge of our own thoughts and actions and can practice kindness as an everyday part of our lives so that we can Live SO BIG ! 

With Much Love, Rachael Paulson

If you would like to know more about Rachael Paulson's programs, projects , book and author signings email her at .

Posted by admin1 on Saturday, November 21 @ 12:14:43 CST (615 reads)
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To Truly Live Big - BY: Damian-Zion

People of the world Anonymous writes "

Hey! Name is Damian-Zion, and here's my reason why Knowledge of Living is so Big!.

I've always had a curious mind about anything that made me wonder, no matter what the subject matter pertained. If there are things that I do not know a lot about, especially if its of high interest to me, I try to learn as much as I can. I believe that knowledge is Key and Power, and knowing about our Universe and why we are here is, I believe, the Greatest knowledge we can all possess, and how we can truly Live Big! I never understood why there are people that do not care to know more about our planet, galaxy, and why we are even here. For the fact that a planet can 'float' in space means that there is a super consciousness that maintains it all. The planets, galaxy, stars, and all the life that dwells upon them.

Our main task in life is to Awaken to the Truth of who we Really are! We came to this earth (school) planet with a veil (amnesia) placed over our consciousness that made us temporary forget who we really are, our real soul family, why we are truly here, and where we came from. We live pretending to be who we are 'not' around our families and friends, almost like a movie or play. It's time to stop living in the illusion that we are all just 'human beings' living one life. Wake up to the many soul family members that are out there waiting to reunite and connect with the real you. Don't be afraid to step out on the 'bridge' to your ultimate truth. If life bores you, doesn't make sense, or you feel lost, it's a signal that it's time to cut the illusion and start asking the real questions of the heart, not mind. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; We are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience!

To truly Live Big, you must know the true meaning of Life and why we are here in the first place. Now I can say that I'm finally Happy and Living my truest life because I know who I am. So find your truth, it's what will truly set you free! And most of all don't care what others think... It's your Life, your Truth, your Power! #NoFear


Posted by admin1 on Friday, November 20 @ 15:03:17 CST (606 reads)
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My Reason For Being Joyous - BY: Angeli Sosa

People of the world Anonymous writes "

Greetings :) Angeli here... I'd like to share my reason why Living Is So Big...

Existence within its own defined parameters fosters expansion, growth, and knowledge. My reason for being joyous in this life is truly the acquisition of knowledge. The constant pursuit of accurate information, the seeking of higher understanding, the wealth of newness that is brought forth by opening one's own inner eyes. It is amazing and thrilling and exciting to be on this quest, and there is absolutely nothing larger or greater than understanding what lies within and what projects forth from that sapience.

Love and beauty and art and nature, they all stem from this intricate web of illuminated magic that I call knowledge :) Some call it love, some call it experience, some may call it freedom... I call it truth. Within and under the umbrella of truth I have found love and beauty and co-existence and kindness. That is my revelation and why life is everyday becoming more elegant in its design. 

Thank you for sharing in this message, -Ang :)

Posted by admin1 on Thursday, November 19 @ 09:56:42 CST (663 reads)
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Happy Birthday LISB Drawing

The chances are that we all know someone that has a birthday someday soon. Even if their birthday isn't until months, it will arrive. Share this with anyone that is going to have a birthday. By doing so, you are sure to brighten their day that you are wishing them a happy birthday with such a creative idea by sending them this picture. Living Is So Big because we are able to celebrate the day of our birth!

click here to enlarge image
Posted by admin1 on Tuesday, November 17 @ 20:32:47 CST (727 reads)
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Feeling Blessed - BY: Iliana Agudo

People of the world Anonymous writes "

Hi my name is Iliana and here are my reasons why Living Is So Big for me.

I'm so grateful for the family that I have. My husband is such an inspiration and is my soulmate, he is my rock, my foundation. I love him with all of my heart along with my two sons. I cherish my two amazing sons. I'm so proud of them, of the men they have become. I'm so thankful for our Kitten, "Life" which is his name, he is a new addition to our family. He makes me laugh and he brings me so much joy. I Love when he comes up to me to snuggle. I Love living in the wonderful state of Colorado. I love having my new home to live and enjoy decorating it. We have met such wonderful new friends here and I'm looking forward to what is to come. I appreciate all that life has to offer. I'm in full gratitude of my life and in joy. 

With Love, Iliana Agudo

Posted by admin1 on Monday, November 16 @ 16:21:19 CST (696 reads)
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Person Of The Week

People of the world

Here is the update! Every two weeks a new person from around the globe is added to the "Person of the week" section on the right side of the homepage of this website. The person states why Living Is So Big for them. This time it is Chantae from Asheville, NC! Keep posted every two weeks and see who says why Living Is so Big for them.

Posted by admin1 on Thursday, November 12 @ 18:24:51 CST (696 reads)
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Life is Precious - BY: Cristina Reyna

People of the world Anonymous writes "

Hi everyone! My name is Cristina & I would like to share why Living Is So Big for me.

I look at how far I've come. I sometimes wonder in how the heck did I make it this far in life and that is because of my family and close friends I associate with every day. They support in every step of the way I take. Their positivity is what makes me keep going. To be surrounded by positive people is an amazing feeling. It makes you feel that you're living in that moment, it makes you appreciate life and feel alive. Even the simplest things in life like nature and listening to music (listening to BTS has helped me cope with certain stuff), I see it as beauty and all life is precious. I live for this. 

Much love, Cristina Reyna

Posted by admin1 on Monday, November 09 @ 22:34:26 CST (609 reads)
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Things Get Better - BY: Cristal Guzman

People of the world Anonymous writes "

Hello, My name is Cristal and I'd like to share with ya'll why Living Is So Big for me.

Life for me has not always been what it is now. I've struggled with many things that skewed my perception of the importance of living-both external and internal for so many years. One day I had the realization that life keeps going, keeps moving forward so you cannot stay stuck on things that have happened, things that you no longer have control over. It was at that moment that I began to really take in how wonderful it is to be alive. At that moment I was able to see all these wonderful people around me that appreciate me and encourage me to keep going. I saw the potential that I had for so many things (graphic design, psychologist, a leader) and made those things a large part of my life.

I live for all those people: my family, my friends, my boyfriend, my peers, so that their words of encouragement and their love for me produce something great. I live to help others with the skills I have learned throughout my life (social and educational). Most importantly, I live for myself-for the person who existed in my past, for the person I am now and for that person that I will be. I have learned that it is an amazing thing to be Alive and that things do get better. Living Is So Big for me because I am here, I've made it this far and why not show appreciation for this grand chance I've been given to live.

From, Cristal Guzman

Posted by admin1 on Thursday, November 05 @ 17:14:52 CST (845 reads)
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The Distinct Facts of Living... Get To It

Living Is So Big
You could be reading this book; "The Distinct Facts of Living... Get To It." Get your copy by clicking here.

Posted by admin1 on Monday, November 02 @ 18:38:51 CST (714 reads)
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Your Choice

Realization Speakers

Jesus and Christopher Agudo, father and son, Co-founded the Living Is So Big movement in 2010. In five years they have evolved immensely. They are Realization Speakers and are for hire. 

With this evolution they have authored many books with their latest called "The Distinct Facts of Living... Get To It!

This book encapsulates everything they do.

Every day is important
<< February 2018



"What stands out the most is the PASSION that is displayed with Living Is So Big. Through the message that is shared and the way it’s delivered that passion is definitely felt. Living Is So Big has made a tremendous impact on the program and is considered a true part of the My Daddy Taught Me That family."

-Keynon Lake
-CEO & Founder
-My Daddy Taught Me That
-Asheville, NC

"For just over an hour, everyone in the Sparta High School Auditorium was able to forget about their worries and their life's problems and appreciate the simple joys of life and what they do have. I am extremely thankful for all that the Agudo family does and for how many lives they have selflessly changed..."

-Eric Smuda
-President & Founder of Take Action
-Sparta High School
-Sparta, NJ
"I left the presentation more determined to help those around me understand that “LIVING IS SO BIG” and that it is up to each and everyone one of else to help a friend, neighbor or loved one in need. The Agudo Family is amazing and their passion is contagious."

-Kristi Donohue
-Safe Spaces
-Fulton, MO
"I was very excited to have "Living is so big" at my class at Montclair State University. They were able to really connect to the students. When I asked my students who was their favorite speakers for the semester, it was hands down Living is so big."

-Diane Lang
-Counseling Educator
-Montclair State University
-Montclair, NJ
"Rarely have I seen our students react so positively to Jesus' and Chris' and Iliana's message."

-Joan McNichol
-Harrison Public Schools
-Harrison, NJ

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