#2 Envision - (POSSIBLE CORE)

- To imagine something as a possibility. Envision it and make it so.

    Choose to visualize your goal/desire as possible. See the vision of it occurring as you envision it. To envision something is as simple as seeing it happen. You have the power to do so, your mind is strong.

    This is always a good starting point within your mind. You can create that little image within your mind to envision your next move, steps, plan for action. Be as detailed as can be, because what you believe to be possible needs to be strong in your mind. Your strength on what you believe to be possible is solely up to you. Do not cause doubt in any way or form. Be 100% with what you envision. This is just one step towards achieving the desire you wish to have.

    Start right now with envisioning anything that you desire. Practice as often as you like. Remember, envisioning is not achieving just yet as indicated earlier. It is merely one of the Mynifest steps. However, this is a very important step as it is the beginning of what can come.

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