CEO & Founder - Jesus Agudo

Jesus Agudo



It all started in 2010, a cause called "LIVING IS SO BIG" was founded by Jesus Agudo. It's main focus was based on Life Appreciation. Throughout 2011-2016, Jesus and his family would travel across the United States and other countries asking people one simple question. The question was... what makes you happy about life? This question prompted people across the world to share their reasons why Living Is So Big, which would create a database of reasons that would be used to create Jesus' next idea. 
Moving into 2020, his next idea would be called "MYNIFEST". It's a platform that helps people achieve a goal with the knowledge of how to, step by step. Mynifest educates the individual to be successful with achieving their goal. One can manifest by happen-chance without knowing how, but to Mynifest is to make us accountable for achieving our desires.

Jesus ("Jay") Agudo has lived an eventful life. Family man, inventor, motivational speaker, life coach and influencer are just a few words that describe Jesus and his accomplishments. Always doing his best no matter the situation, he is constantly trying to think of new things that can help others.