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Mynifest Card Deck

Mynifest Card Deck

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By using the Mynifest cards, you are giving yourself the opportunity to do just that! If you're really ready and want to take that next step with your life, Mynifest is the way to go. Developed through real life experience by the Founder himself, this card system has assisted people by being the "road map" necessary to get them from point A to point B, which is from having a desire, to actually Mynifesting it.

>Limited Edition< >1st Edition< Mynifest Card Deck layout and graphic designed by the Founder himself. Artwork of each Sun & Moon drawn by his wife Iliana. -Collectors item-.

Purchase includes:

· (1) Mynifest Card Deck with instructional Booklet 

· Desire cards (included with Card Deck) 

· (1) 11x17 Mynifest Reader Board Sheet 

Mynifest ® 

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