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Mynifest Coaching & Certification

Mynifest Coaching & Certification

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Coaching Minutes

Mynifest coaching lets you discover the how-to in achieving your desires. You will have the founder of Mynifest, LLC read/explain the Mynifest cards to help you determine the best possible path regarding the how-to in turning your specific desire into reality. Your desires are waiting, time to achieve them.  You have the option to choose.

Mynifest Certification via Zoom

Day  1 - 60 minutes certified training with the founder of Mynifest, LLC. 

Day  2 - 60 minutes recap of certification training with questions and answers.

The MYNIFEST Coaching Certification (MCC) is to be expertly trained by the founder on the art of using the MYNIFEST platform & cards. You will be able to perform professional readings to anyone interested in wanting the how-to in achieving their desire. 

You will be given all the knowledge to successfully read the Mynifest cards. By learning this card system, you can be on your way to guiding others in the right

Included: You will be mailed - (1) MYNIFEST Card Deck, (1) MYNIFEST 11x17 Poster Board. Also, (1) Added Profile data to the MYNIFEST Coaches page. 

Note:  Discount does not apply towards these services

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